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How IFCJ helps the people

IFCJ or the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews helps the two communities throughout the world through various ways, whether financially, medically and even emotionally. The organization has provided various methods to help Jews in Soviet Union. It can be through bank transfers, e-payment, etc. The organization can be contacted

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Goals of IFCJ organization

IFCJ             IFCJ is international fellowship of Christians and Jews which is considered as the organization with some serious concerns. The founder of the organization is rabbi yechiel Eckstein. There are number of well meaning Christians who have donated to the organisation because of the infomercials describing the way to

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Enjoy Your Tour In Awesome Surroundings

Tourist places always remain in the close focus of the visitors, to get something unique and attractive. Amidst which, vegan restaurants serve the most wanted purpose of the tourist industry. In providing the perfect taste and premium quality food, that helps to enhance the experience of the people visiting the

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