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IFCJ Reviews: A Little Insight into the Way in Which This Organization Functions

The IFCJ organization was founded by Rabbi Eckstein in order to better the existing relationship between Christians and Jewish people from all over the world. There are lots of issues that people from both these communities share.

They also need to stand by each other in the jour of need. Going through IFCJ reviews, people will know how tirelessly people in this organization are working towards achieving the above objectives. There has really been a long history of strife between the two communities, all that is slowly getting erased now. This is because ultimately people from both these communities have a lot of respect for each other.

IFCJ reviews

Diversity onboard

The leadership of rabbi Eckstein has ensured that this organization functions smoothly over the years. The boards of directors who are running the organization are represented by people from both faiths. These people share a common belief of unity between Christians and Jews. Therefore, building the bridges connecting the two communities is easier.

The high IFCJ ratings also tell us the same. The organization has really scaled the peak of philanthropy as evident from different programs under its wings. The needs of the Jews in Israel as well as other Asian countries are looked after here.

Escape from poverty

When someone says Is IFCJ a good charity, you need to immediately show the person, different statistics which mentions the number of Jews who have said goodbye to poverty owing to help from this organization. The whole of Israel is behind the proper functioning of this organization.

Religious freedom

IFCJ reviews

Over the course of history, Jews have been tortured and killed in name of religion and racism. The effects of those events can be felt even today. The IFCJ rating that gets published periodically, speaks of how well this organization functions. It provides a new lease of life for the still suffering Jews.

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