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A Human Being with Selfless Love and Futuristic Thought

Roberto Casula is an integral part of the company ENI. He is a self built person and has seen only success. He has been attached to this organization since almost its inception. Since 2004 till date he has managed a lot of prestigious positions in the Eni. He is attached to the organization so much so that he is named as Roberto Casula Eni. At present he is the Senior Executive at Eni and before that he was the Chief Development and Technology Officer. He has been thinking of the company’s growth and well being like no one else.

roberto casula eni

From the company’s point of view

Roberto Casula has always thought of the company’s profit from the sense of an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur at heart, he has always attempted to try out various ways to make Eni a success story to be remembered forever. In times of crisis also he has been there as a solid support system. His focus countries are Africa and Italy. He has been a student of mining engineering and has incorporated his knowledge in innovating and venturing new ideas in Eni. 

Apart from that he has always valued relationships more than his work. He believes in building networks of relationship and that is how a company can progress.

A dedicated human being

roberto casula eni

He has always held his self interest at back foot for the company’s progress. He has valued his previous experiences well enough to deal with the future events and has always given it a hit. TED talks have always inspired him and will always keep doing. He is always in search of a story to look up to and can eventually deal with it to launch something new. 

He has always been a quick learner and has seen failures more than success. But to learn from failures and never look back is the way he has worked all these years. He even encourages others to work this way.

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