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Attention needed to social media by hotels for driving visitors

The most common argument continues in the hotel industry on social media is that the return on investment is very hard to evaluate. Then why need to spend money and time? Thus, this attitude can make a bad impact on the business as the recent surveys showed that the hotel brands require to improve their job conversing with the clients on social media.

The challenging phase the most marketers face is to make the decision of the metrics matter when it focuses on dollars. Attribution of the dollar value to get likes on social media which is not the right way to think about this. Business requires to measure whether they are accessing their audience targeted or not on social media and whether their conversations helping clients to move towards the booking or not. The best path for starting to figure out the equation is to get started with analyzing and measuring the brand’s activity of social media and its performance.

Survey reports

The survey reports show that the four seasons resorts and hotels are one of the top handling brands and its social media presence makes its appearance very well. Thus, the report suggested that the hotel business had lower interactions with comparison to the categories in the report and this means that the trending interaction can make the big impact on the perception of business via social media.

Hotels are required to pay attention to the conversations around their online brand and they need to get engaged. Thus helps customers to book their room with huge offers. The tone of the overall interaction in the survey showed that people have many things to say about hotels –  but the volume of interaction was really low. This is the chance for hotel brands to begin something new for igniting the spark and passion for more interaction around travel.

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