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Recognizing the efforts of students

There are several ways to honor the efforts put in by the students of any institution. Even though such efforts are self centered, but in a broad sense, a general application of such efforts and corresponding benefits brings about positive changes in the society, and therefore, it could be treated

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Why Travelling is Important in Life

Travel is important because it profoundly transforms us. Traveling is not only seeing new places rather a great means to explore yourself and cutting down your stress levels. Medical studies show that people who travel a lot has a reduced amount of stress and leads a better quality life. Another

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Who is Blake Orlandi?

Do you want to learn about the COO of the Book of the Month, which is a monthly subscription ecommerce company? Then, read on this article. Blake Orlandi, 33, has become the COO of this famous and powerful brand, Book of the Month. This company would be picking five top

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