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Book of the Month Club – A Boon to Every Bibliophile

When individuals read books, they not only improve the vocabulary rather know in-depth information about the subject. A person who loves to read books or enjoy reading books is often referred to as “Bibliophile” or Bookworm.

Apparently, Book of the Month Club founded by John Lippman is a real boon, a blessing to every bibliophile.  Just like rain is a boon to the parched crops, the book of the month club is a favor, a gift from the media guru, John Lippman because this club accounts for several wonderful collections of the books from the best authors of American Literature. This is one of the many reasons why it remains as the second favorite of the American readers.

Why do we love to read?

When you read, the books take you into a new world and provides you an experience of living with the new people. When you read a good book, you not only enjoy reading the book rather love to express more about the instances you read in the book. This is why many people fall in love with reading and become vivid readers. In fact, when you read books, you get the wonderful feeling of refreshment and the experience becomes significant and becomes part of lives.

The Joy of Reading Books

Scientists have discovered that there’s no better superfood for your brain than reading a book. Sometime you will have difficulty in sleeping with your mind occupied with loads of tension and worries however reading a book frees your mind and provide you with a good night’s sleep. Thanks to John Lippman for founding the Book of the Month Club because readers of Manhattan are really enjoying a wonderful time getting in access with amazing books of this club.

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