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Concern on the Part of Roberto Casula is Focused through his Dedication

Casula on his plans for Eni’s expansion

Roberto Casula is currently busy in open novelty and in undertaking corporate capital at the renowned Eni S.P.A. His own words denote that he wants to lay his focus on the development of Eni, its operations and expansion of the department relating to technology.

 Until the midst of 2014 the S.P.A consist of 3 divisions and its corporate bureaus.  For its usual planning (3+1 silos according to Casula) and observing its development, he holds consultation with other members of his company and decided to reject the said organization for the exposure of their focus. He was determined to focus on the whole integration concerning their business thereby avoiding duplication of staff function.

He said that the whole result is astonishingly cost effective. In addition, there were more synergies across the value chain with effectual integration of each technical skill.

His concern for his organization

 He lead his team in designing a novel operating model and restructuring the whole of the strategy as well as activities relating to R&D. According to Roberto Casula, these things are essential in determining the future of any energy concern.

As far as Casula’s view is concerned there are no archetypal days in major energy concerns. Operational matters and business emergencies often deserve special mention in dictating the day’s agenda. He added that he starts his day with the reading of each email received the night before right from the executives worldwide.

 On his way to his office he gives a phone call to his collaborators enquiring about their health and information on their part regarding any plans, results or issues concerning the company.

Once Roberto Casula steps into office he begins re-examining the short, mid and long term goals and commitments. He also takes a look at the scheduled meetings so to be assured of the fact that all the essentials for participation are ready. The first half is spent in determining the operation and progress of progress whereas the second half is spent on new business’s ideas.

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