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Development Is a Collaborative Effort

Respecting The Differences

All round development can be achieved, by contributing the maximum possible inputs and resources. In order to receive the best and optimum results, without wasting time. Since the issues among Jewish and Christian community has resulted in the suffering of lots of people, for a long time. Yael Eckstein has taken a stand, to make things work out for every individual and community in the most appropriate manner. She never demanded anything on partial terms for any particular community, instead of stressed on the wholesome progression being carried on for each and every group involved.

Yael Eckstein

Yael Eckstein is among the few renowned and popular leaders, who are well equipped with the knowledge and experience to implement the available planning in the best possible way. She never ignored the welfare of any group, rather raised most of the needy and weak communities for a better lifestyle. In order to make sure, that none of the existing community remains below the standards of living. She tried and focused on sorting the differences among the groups, amicably through the IFCJ platform. For her, success doesn’t occur overnight. It needs to get paid with sweat and blood.

Responsible Designs Fulfilled

Yael Eckstein

Yael Eckstein has been working sincerely, in the direction of achieving the complete success and growth which offers the benefit to every contributor equally. Without any kind of bias, on the grounds of religion, community, location, colour, gender and other ground realities. Being a President, she has been offered numerous platforms to present her version of the conditions going on in the surroundings which she availed in a maximum way. Her role is so demanding, that she cannot afford to neglect any of her responsibilities. In addition to that, she remained active for all the social causes appealed to her.

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