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Development of Surgical Techniques from Ancient to Modern Time

Surgeries, in medical science, is an ancient tradition. Sushruta Samhita’s compendium is one of the dazzling Indian medical literatures that reflect account of ancient surgeries.  Sushruta was considered to be founder father of surgery. Surgeries were not an easy procedure in ancient time, but use of anesthesia for the first time in 1846 offered a little relief for this procedure. Since then, surgical procedures have been continued to perform under anesthetic condition. Ether has most commonly been used as an anesthetic agent.

Introduction of minimally-invasive surgery

Over years, lot of research work was conducted on various types of surgical procedures that cracked most complexities involved in surgical procedures.

A new era of surgery begun with invention of laparoscope for surgical procedures which showed ample progress in performance of these procedures. This also led to beginning of an era of minimally-invasive surgery. The surgery was no more a big fear with the introduction of minimally-invasive surgery in which loss of blood was minimally and recovery time of patient was faster.

However, the development of new techniques initially created a major problem because surgeons were not having a skill of performing surgeries with laparoscope. They needed education and training about use of this device. The development of more new surgical devices after laparoscope created further problem due to non-availability of surgeons in new techniques.

An era of robotic surgery

We have entered into an era of robotic surgery where robotic hands replace surgeon’s hands to perform surgeries. Surgical knives have been replaced by laser knives.

Modern surgical techniques use robots and laser knives. The surgeons have been trained to perform surgeries using innovative techniques. Roberto Casula is one of the prominent names in this field. He is a consultant Cardiothoracic surgeon at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in London. There are more skilled surgeons in other parts of the globe who may be consulted for new age surgical procedures.

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