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Expectations of Energy Efficiency from Robert Casula’s Encouraging Role

Oil and gas fuel is the desperate need of modern world. It is used everywhere from heating of homes to operate industries and large vehicle such as trucks and airplanes. There are many more applications of oil and gas fuel. The world cannot think of sustaining without fossil fuel resource and will come standstill, when this fuel resource depletes. We have no control to increase production of what nature has provided from its treasure. However, we may think of saving this resource, but there is hardly any possibility of natural fuel conservation amid increasing demand being created day by day. The alternative is exploration of the use of other natural energy resources like solar energy.

Roberto Casula’s support for energy efficiency

Many energy scientists are working hard to find sustainable natural resource of energy that can be used for many years from now. Roberto Casula, who spent his entire career in the oil and gas industry, is one among those scientists. A mining engineering graduate from the University of Cagliari, Roberto joined Eni, an Italian multinational oil and gas company, and held various prestigious and top-level positions in this company. The entire world is driven by energy and this dependence on energy will drastically affect the world due to foreseen crisis of fossil fuel depletion. We need energy and more than we needed before, and also need support of energy professionals like Roberto Casula.

What’s expected from Roberto’s encouraging role

The energy industry is heading for a major change. The oil and gas industry will transform into an energy efficient future industry that has ability to take up challenges of energy crisis. Our hopes are alive on the multinational companies like Eni and professionals like Roberto Casula to face the energy challenges of future. Their engagement in the field of energy truly encouraging to find sustainable resources of energy to meet increasing demands of the society.

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