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Goals of IFCJ organization


            IFCJ is international fellowship of Christians and Jews which is considered as the organization with some serious concerns. The founder of the organization is rabbi yechiel Eckstein. There are number of well meaning Christians who have donated to the organisation because of the infomercials describing the way to help the Russians and Ethiopian Jews who return to Israel. People keep on doubting is IFCJ a good charity? Well the reviews and ratings explain that it is the popular organization which helps the needy. They have been supporting the work. Their main task is to ensure that in the last days the Jewish people turn to their homeland.

is IFCJ a good charity

Ratings of organization

            The IFCJ ratings say that the founder of the organization is intelligent and engaging and known as the way of speaking and communicating message. It always seems good thing to support the organization. The organization has been well known for helping the needy. The organization started years back and it is said that the organization was started to build the bridges between the Jews and Christian. They worked together in projects and work for the welfare of the community.

is IFCJ a good charity

            The IFCJ rating shows that the organization has been successful in helping number of people with the food and medicines. They have been serving the orphans and children of the country so that they can be offered with better education and they can help the country in future. Moreover, they believe helping the elderly people with food and shelter. The IFCJ reviews say that the organization has been able to help lakhs of people in the country. They make sure that the Jewish people are welcomed in Israel and are guided with each and everything so that they can settle down in the country with ease.

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