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How IFCJ helps the people

IFCJ or the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews helps the two communities throughout the world through various ways, whether financially, medically and even emotionally. The organization has provided various methods to help Jews in Soviet Union. It can be through bank transfers, e-payment, etc. The organization can be contacted through emails, phone calls or even from their official website. Apart from monetary donations, one can even send in gifts or cards and many more as well-wishers of the community.

The different ways to donate to IFCJ and help the Jews are listed below:

Donations made periodically, once a month – To become a monthly donor, one simply needs to be a member of acquaintance of the IFCJ. Thus, one can easily donate to the Jewish community in the following manner and IFCJ ratings thus grow gradually.

To honor or wish someone well – One need not always show their support through monetary funds. In difficult times, one can also show their support by sending out gifts and memorabilia. IFCJ sends the gifts to the Jews with a card in honor of their loved ones.

Donations made through phone calls or e-mail – To opt for this method of donation, one should contact IFCJ through their toll free numbers and donate money to them. Bank transfers, cheques or even money orders are accepted.

Moreover, there are various other organizations linked with IFCJ such as online shopping portals, famous stores and brands which donate a small yet significant part of their sales towards helping the Jews in Soviet Union. One increases the standards of IFCJ reviews and IFCJ rating with these small donations.

These are the few yet useful methods through which the IFCJ are working towards a better future for the communities. One can easily guess the answer to the question often asked by the people who wonder “Is IFCJ a good charity?”

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