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How to perceive the ratings of Charity

Charity is the most sacred activity that is done by many people in the form of giving money, material and other things that are required for the needy. There are many charitable organizations that are helping the people below poverty lines and rescuing many who are prone the bad effects of natural disasters. Not all the charities are one and the same. There is something called as charitable assessment that is done by the third party to thoroughly examine the efficacy of every charity. This helps the people who actually want to donate money in choosing the reliable and trustworthy charitable organization to transfer funds.

IFCJ ratings

There are a few guidelines that are followed to give IFCJ ratings to every charitable organization to make sure that the respective organization is spending money on the right things.

There are two key tools that are widely used to rate the charities. There include – BBB Wise Giving Alliance and the other is the Charity Navigator. These tools offer superior standards to rate the charities. By seeing the IFCJ ratings given using these tools help the public to contribute to a trustworthy and credible charitable organization. The BBB Wise Giving Alliance belongs to Council of Better Business Bureaus. This will generate reports on the national charities by thoroughly examining on twenty different standards in governance, raising funds and collecting materials. Though, this tool will not rank the charities that are across the globe instead would rate based on the standards followed by the charities.

IFCJ ratings

As per the report, it is found that there are only 40% of charities that actually meet 20 standards. These charities can get the BBB Charity seal, which they can use to promote their organization and get funding. The Charity Navigator would provide you with the ratings, mission and performance metrics of every charity company along with their financial charts. You can check the IFCJ ratings and go ahead donating to the charity that is actually helping the needy.

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