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IFCJ: Different Things That You Wanted To Know About This Organization

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, is an organization that was found in the year 1983. The primary aim of this organization was to promote a feeling of brotherhood and cooperation between the Christians and the Jews. It also aimed at improving the support base for Israel on the whole.  The safety as well as security of the Jewish people in Israel, as well as all over the world is promoted here. IFCJ has become an umbrella shelter for all those people who have been wronged are some way or the other.


IFCJ reviews

Millions of dollars in donations are collected for Jews especially residing in Israel. Almost half of this amount is spent in the land of Israel for making of the absorption centers as well as bomb shelters, during times of wars. There are different kinds of aid programs that take place throughout the year in order to support these people. New organizations are formed too under the umbrella of IFCJ. The IFCJ reviews, will give you a fair idea about the good work being done by this organization. There are numerous awards that this organization has received over time that has made it a really prestigious one.

Organizational structure

If you have the question is IFCJ a good charity? Then you must realize that organization is supervised by a board of director. Eckstein who is among the most influential rabbis of the century has been at the helm for quite some time now. The IFCJ rating has stayed at high levels owing to untiring efforts of him and his team.

Reaching out

There are different international programs that are undertaken by the IFCJ. These programs assist the Jews of Israel as well as those of other countries. Very high IFCJ ratings, given to them speak volumes of good work being done there.

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