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International Fellowship for Christians and Jews – How It Helps

Rabbi Eckstein had started the organization in 1983. This organization was developed for the safety and security of Christians and Jews. They have different kinds of programs, like fellowship programs and other renowned programs.

The Fellowship gets contribution of $ 100 million every year. Half of the donations are spent in Israel itself. Over $ 25 million was spent in Jewish programs only.

Eckstein passed away in Feb 6, 2019, leaving behind the fellowship to his daughter.


The organization has headquarters in Chicago and Jerusalem. Its tasks are carried forward by an independent body of directors. In 2014, the organization and the Rabbi had received over 50 awards. So, now people will not doubt if “Is IFCJ a good charity. “

IFCJ reviews

As per reviews, there are five important programs like:

  • On Wings of Eagles
  • Guardians of Israel
  • Isaiah 58
  • Stand for Israel
  • 4Zion

IFCJ ratings

They have received ratings of 3 out of 4. The organization is developing by leaps and bounds under the aegis of renowned, eminent personalities. The donors trust the foundation of the organization.

IFCJ rating is dependent on the work that they do for the victims of holocaust and other oppressed communities in Israel. They have been making good amount of contributions to the society.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, they have pledged to remember 6,000,000 victims and continue to do so, after all these years.

Thousands of Jews who had escaped the sentence, are now living below poverty line. Many live on low pension amount. They have difficulty in making both ends meet. The organization helps all those victims and also provides help and assistance to orphans, children and families.

They also help soldiers and families, who have very meagre earning. When the soldiers see these, they are very proud to be a part of the fellowship.

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