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Modern Surgical Advancements Have Greatly Assisted Skilled Surgeons

A surgical procedure is an artistic skill performed by a human surgeon. Opening a portion of the body and affected organ, and restoring the same in original condition after surgical procedure is a complex procedure. Surgery is apparently a matter of patient’s life. The life of a patient lying on an operating table is in the hands of a surgeon. A patient faces the situation between life and death. It is the skill of a surgeon that creates confidence in patient and his family members. Conventional surgical procedure is very complex, but modern medical science has achieved success in simplifying this procedure to a greater extent.

Surgical advancements

roberto casula

Today, renowned cardiothoracic surgeons like Dr. Roberto Casula are performing complex cardiac surgery using advance techniques. Minimally invasive surgery is the latest development in major and complex surgeries. Starting from laparoscopy and keyhole surgery, more novel surgical techniques have developed during past couple of decades. Laser knife surgery and robotic surgery are latest advancements, but this is not the end. A time will come when surgery will become a child’s play for most surgeons intending to match their skills with surgical advancements.

How surgical advancements help surgeons

Dr. Roberto Casula is an example of surgeons who tried surgical advancements from early stage of their launch. He is a cardiothoracic surgeon and a senior lecturer in the St. Mary’s College London. Being a researcher, he has in-depth knowledge of surgical advancements and conversancy to use these techniques in the operating room. He has so far performed too many surgeries using minimally invasive technique and also robotic surgeries.

roberto casula

Robotically-assisted surgery

The scenario of modern surgery has further advanced by the advent of robotically-assisted surgical (RAS) device that assists renowned surgeons like Roberto Casula to perform complex cardiac surgery with an ease. RAS offers wider access through visualization and greater focus to a surgeon without any human assistance so that a surgeon can operate more precisely compared to a conventional surgical procedure.

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