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Rabbi Eckstein & Rabbi Eckstein: Inspiration for Charity

Many people earn huge money to buy comfort and luxury for themselves and their family members, but very few have a big heart to invest this money to help others who don’t have enough money to buy even a bread for their family. There are people having a big heart to donate a substantial portion of their wealth for the benefit of the poor and needy people. Some people put their efforts to raise funds through outsourced donations and to invest donated funds into benevolent activities to help needy people. Both donation and fundraising are referred to as charity.

Rabbi Eckstein and Rabbi Eckstein

Charity is in the blood of Jewish community. Jewish people are known for their charitable activities. The great names are Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein and Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, two legendary personalities of contemporary and past world. If you browse Jewish history on the internet, you may find few other names, but above two Jewish figures have earned fame and respect among Jewish and Christian people. Rabbi Eckstein, who died recently after a tenure of 35 years, was a founder and head of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ). His contribution to poor and underprivileged Jewish and Christian is highly appreciable. Read IFCJ reviews for illustrated literature.

Inspiration for charity

Both Rabbi Eckstein and Rabbi Eckstein were Jewish, but they did lot for Christian community also. Eckstein was an American-Israeli rabbi and Yechiel Eckstein hailed from Lithuania. You can read their online biography to know more about the life and activities. Though there is lot of dissimilarity in their life, but their activities were similar; charity was their passion and both dedicated their life to mankind for the cause of humanity. Today, the whole world knows them as humane legends, who worked tirelessly to let others stand in their life. You cannot forget these names and you shouldn’t be. They will always inspire us to live for others.

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