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Roberto Casula and His Temporary Leave From Eni

The executive of Eni, Roberto Casula has been going through investigations for corruption and various such allegations and has been compelled to take a leave of that of absence from the oil major of Italy.

Roberto casula is the former head of the operations of Africa which controls the state in major and has been charged of corruption by Milan and other prosecutors in the area of Congo Republic. Hence he chose to take a leave which is temporary in the field of work so that the business and the work culture is not hampered and dampened due to the problems faced by him in person. He doesn’t want his association with the organization to be hampered in the bargain.

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His primary motive is to be addressing the allegations against him in a subtle manner which does not hamper the goodwill of the organization and also makes him prove his point where necessary. He had to go through a lot of trials and sessions regarding the allegations of corruption against him however he stood tall among them. The oilfields are the reasons where the developmental strategies are pronounced and taken into consideration. Hence, it would be unfair on his part if his personal allegations would anyway be a kind of hindrance for the developmental growth of the organization as a whole.

The CEO of Eni has also clearly denied any wrongdoing by Roberto casula eni. While casula took his temporary leave his position was occupied by another senior management person who was working as an acting person for his position. This changeover or taking up of the position is quite a big deal for the organization but it is taken care of with ease and perfection for the well being of the organization itself.

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