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Sam Houston State University, the admission process, what you need to know

Sam Houston State University happens to be a premier educational institution and its criminal justice program happens to be one of the best in the country. If you plan to apply for admissions to the Sam Houston State University this fall, then you need to check it out and their various UG and masters program. Please note that the application process may vary slightly should you choose to apply for a masters or doctoral program. The University has its own traditions but none seem to be equal to the Sam Houston State class ring.

sam houston state class ring

The admission process:

When applying for admission to the SHSU, you need to head over to ‘apply Texas’website and complete your online application. You would also be required to pay a non-refundable $45 USD fee, with the application. You would be required to submit your school transcripts, along with an essay especially if you are planning to apply for the undergraduate program. And of course, depending on the degree course that you would want to take, you may also be required to sit for standardized tests and make arrangements for a copy of the test score to be sent to the University. And after a careful evaluation you would be informed of the results and whether you got in or not. Incidentally, the average SAT score for incoming freshmen happens to be around `1010 percentile.

What you need to know:

sam houston state class ring

When you enroll in your degree program at the University, you should know that the University awards the Sam Houston state class ring to those who qualify for the same. You would need to have completed at least 75 UG credits in order to qualify for the same however both master’s and doctoral research scholars have no such requirement to meet. And the Sam Houston state class ring is awarded to you in a special presentation ceremony, when you finally become a bearKat.

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