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The Electronic Travel Authority Issued By the Australian Government Can Solve a Lot of Visa Approval Issues

Many instances in our life where we come across a situation where we need to leave for a foreign land but due to problems related to visa approval we end up cancelling it. The visa approval procedures are getting more and more complicated with every passing day due to the constant threat of terrorism.

au visa

To tackle the situation, australia came up with a unique proposal where a person holding a passport of certain specific countries can enter the Australian soil without any visa for a short period. It gave birth to ETA or Electronic Travel Authority which can provide access to a tourist coming to the land of kangaroos without going through the hassle of visa approval.

How to apply for Electronic Travel Authority?

The unique travel pass provided by the immigration of this particular is electronic in nature which gets linked with the passport making it smoother as carrying several documents may become hectic sometimes. Some travel agencies work on behalf of the immigration that receives a client’s material, verifies all the documents and forwards it to the concerned department in return for a small sum of money.

au visa

The chances of getting the application sent via these agencies are very bleak as they practice a thorough and careful checking of all the materials. Once the concerned department receives the document within seventy-two hours, an electronic mail is sent to the client with the travel authorization number. The agencies advise the client to carry the copy of the particular mail in case of any complications at the immigration department.

The drawback of eta:

The au visa can solve several problems related to approval of travel permit making it a preferred option among certain parts of the world. The major downside of this travel authority, it is available for people having citizenship of countries like Japan, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia and a few others.

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