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What’s Gained or Missed in Running the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

The Christians’ interest in Israel and prophecy has been a burning topic during past couple of years. The Messianic Movement was considered worth supporting that brought some people and organization to come along together and participate in the movement. The movement flared up, but discernment was required to know the worth of individuals or ministries for financial support.


A separate agenda was set up to support Jewish people. The agenda was very specific to people working in Israel. The important point to understand was that donation sought had to be consistent with Biblical world-view and priorities. The donors couldn’t set priorities, but they could make the fundraising agency responsible for setting the priorities.

What’s distinct about the Fellowship

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen always because most fundraising organizations don’t set agenda and misuse donors’ funds. The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) was founded with a set agenda of helping Jews through donations. Rabbi Eckstein, the founder of the Fellowship had planned the list of donors to be approached for his mission of charity, and also planned projects in which the donation money was to be invested.


This was the reason; Eckstein had been successful to raise huge donations of millions of dollars from people you couldn’t expect.

Darker side of the Fellowship

You might be convinced with mission of IFCJ, but no one has considered what percentage of donations has gone wasted to pay high salaries to executives of IFCJ. Eckstein’s own salary as a President was very high. Imagine, how much of worthy donations he took for himself and other executives of the Fellowship. If you view the Fellowship from this perspective, some self-interest is seen in fetching huge donations. No doubt, success was achieved and donations were used for mission of charity, but some part of donations is missing. The gap can’t be filled because missing funds could be used for more support in the charity.

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