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Who is Blake Orlandi?

Do you want to learn about the COO of the Book of the Month, which is a monthly subscription ecommerce company? Then, read on this article. Blake Orlandi, 33, has become the COO of this famous and powerful brand, Book of the Month. This company would be picking five top books every month from millions of books and send to the subscribers. These people will pick unique, fresh and debut writers’ collections and send to the members. This is a perfect place for the avid readers to find the best collection of books. The company COO is the person who is playing a vital role in the success of the company.

Blake Orlandi joined the company in 2015 as the COO and leading the team of 45 people and working with the design, marketing, product, business intelligence and operations team. Along with this company, he has been working as COO for Bookspan, LLC since 2012. He joined in the capacity of SVP, head of media and was promoted to COO role. Prior to joining this company, he worked with Evergreen copyrights for around 2 years in two different roles, i.e. as a Manager and the Director of Acquisitions and Business Development.

Before this, he pursued his Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School with the interest in taking up managerial position from 2010 to 2012. Blake Orlandi holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from University of Pittsburgh. He is the alumni of 2005. After completion of his engineering degree, he joined Deloitte consulting as a Business analyst and grew to the Consultant level and quit the company to pursue his dreams in management positions.

Outside of work, he also takes part in philanthropic activities. He was one of the board of directors with Every Child Inc. He worked in this role for 2 years and later quit the position.

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